ADB-Japan Scholarships Detail

This year multiple organization open scholarships 2019. Some awards are for the specifics region, and some of them are international scholarships. The base or the aim of each organization is not to bring a positive change towards the development of the world. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) open scholarship programs for developing countries, but they have focused on a particular region. The purpose of the ADB-Japan Scholarships, 2019 program to open an opportunity for well-qualified national of ADB developing countries members to continue their post graduation degree in the field of science and technology, management and economics. They are also offering awards in developing related fields.

There is not one specific institute which is hosting this scholarship programs. The host institute for these awards is in countries of Asia like India, Pakistan, China, and Japan. The other scholarship host regions are Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s learn more about these awards, and they are a total of three hundred in numbers. If you are a member of ADB, then this award is for you. Every year they bring these awards for you. But remember after taking your postgraduate degree you have to return to your homeland and work for the economic development of your country.


DEADLINE: varies

HOST INSTITUTE: ADB-JSP gives awards only to participating in the academic institutions under a Program.

DEGREE: postgraduate-degree programme

COUNTRY: Specific countries of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

FIELD: – Programs included by the Asian development Bank-JSP is postgraduate studies in the field of science and technology, natural resource management, environment, agriculture, education, management, health economics and another development-related area of research.

TARGETED AUDIENCE: student of ADB countries members.


The ADB-Japan Scholarships gives full tuition aids, the monthly living and housing fee, the grant for instructional materials and books, travel expenses and medical insurance.

The grant is valid for one year with the extension to a second year. F you maintenance or show the satisfactory level of performance as defined by an institute. The duration of these scholarship grants is two years for the doctorate and master programs.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: there are 300 scholarships.


A citizen of the ADB borrowing member country can Get admission to the approved MA/Ph.D. course at the academic institution. The applicant gets the bachelor’s degree or equal with the superior academic record is eligible.

At least applicant should have the two years experience of professional working experience (needed after the university degree) at the time of form submission — proficiency in written and oral communication skills.

The age limit is 35 if you are above 35 then you can not apply. There are some programs for the manager and senior officials for the age limit is 45 and in good health.

He or she must agree to return to his/her home country after the Program completion. Relatives of ADB consultant, staff, and administration, Executive and alternate directors are not eligible. Those above do not qualify for the Scholarship. The staff of host institutions is ineligible for the Scholarship.

Applicants working or living in the country other than home country are eligible. They do not sponsor distance learning courses, undergraduate studies, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis writing, and research projects.


  • Specific countries of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand are eligible.


Candidate should request application forms and info from an Academic Institution. He or she should mention that Institution that they are applying for admission. Also, indicate them that you are asking for the ADB-JSP Scholarship. Submit your Institution application form with documentation, including the ADB-JSP Information Sheet.

You should send an application for awards almost six months before a planned time.

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