Avoid 5 Things During Orientation Class at University Of Alabama

Orientation Class at University Of Alabama

Are you passed out your high school and ready to start your university life? remember one thing the starting university is a life changing point. As you know very well that “First Impression is the Last Impression” so at the orientation class of any university in the world where you show your character/behavior on faculty staff and other students in the university where you want to start study. For build standard all universities have some values, norms, rules and regulations, and students are bound to follow them. If you are going to take orientation class at University of Alabama then avoid these following 5 Things During Orientation Class at University Of Alabama.

Avoid 5 Things During Orientation Class at University Of Alabama

1. Do not Be Standoffish

As the orientation class is not sets only for you, their many other peoples from different culture and different communities will come that day and you have to meet them. It is advised you to be patient and don’t be quick to settle into the archetype and wait till you grouped with those students who are having the same subjects. If you do not met with any student on the orientation class day, do not panic and be relax it does happen. Follow one thing be calm and smile and focus on what you can learn from other students. You might end up with few students in the class.

2. Get your Action Cards

The action card is the combination of Debt and ID card this card is everything for the rest of your next four years of university life. You will ask to collect your action card on your orientation day. The action card is your debit and student ID card so never lose it and Keep it as close to your heart as possible.

3. Don’t Bring your friends and sibling with you

as the orientation class is usually started for two or more days at University of Alabama, your friends and sibling get bored in these days because the orientation class is only for you not related to your friends/siblings. In orientation class you will exercised that how to spend your next 4 years of education life in university. In orientation classes some different education activities will be done between you and your parents, your sibling and friends are not involved in these activities so the get bored here. so enjoy your days happily.


At that time when you start your university life, your partners begins to realize that you are no more like a little baby. you are becoming a adult man and now on a fast track to be independent. Now you will not going to face real world and may be all burden going to on your solders, its your duty to manage your expenses in stay a budget. Relax don’t worry! The future student and parents are split up on the day of orientation. Meantime be patient with your parent during attending the orientation at the University of Alabama. Your parents are so much happy to see you start a university life and your are picking up a tab on the next four years of your university life. Your parent is doing this because they love so much and care for you.

5. Don’t use your cell phones during your orientation

On orientation day a lot of information provided to the students so you may be prepared and attentive to get more and more information because this information will very helpful for you in your next four years of education at the University of Alabama. This information is not only about about your studies it is about every thing like about library in the campus, from where to buy clean and good food, about teachers, your book and many other useful things, in simple words “they provide information for your help to make you familiar with institute”. When you take a short tour to the dining hall, look around and embrace the beauty of the campus. Don’t hesitate to ask any question if you have, directly asked to guide he will try his best to clear your doubt about anything. The guide loves to answer all questions and will guide you with the best place at the campus to have a cup of tea with him.

Happy university life 🙂

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